A powerful male perspective on miscarriage by Andrew Foster

A powerful scroll by artist Andrew Foster explores miscarriage from a male perspective:


“Andrew Foster, award winning artist and father of 2, challenges the common perception that miscarriage only happens to women; exploring his and other men’s miscarriage experience.

On a personal level, he celebrates the lives of the 3 children he has lost through miscarriage. This work is not sentimental or depressing but has an authenticity, integrity and a tenderness that breaks down the perception of who experiences miscarriage.

This work will provoke the viewer with its joyous aesthetics and challenging content. Both men and women will be moved by the imagery that celebrates the everyday experiences of fatherhood.

Included in the exhibition will be a 75ft x 2ft 4” scroll painting, ‘Pain will not have the last word’, inflatable sculptures that act as uncomfortable symbols of joy, and an 11ft x 11ft painting, ‘Miscarriage of Justice’ previously shown in New York in 2011.” Text from website: http://www.camden-image-gallery.co.uk/labour-of-love


Work in Progress an Exhibition in the Making..

My project year seems to be flying by and I’m starting to think about an exhibition…It is always interesting making the translation from book to wall, exciting but also daunting, especially with such a personal subject. Today I had some help from hard working Photography students Sean and Giulietta. They have their own exhibition to plan at the moment though (and it is going to be a cracker this year!) http://www.facebook.com/syncexhibition 23_march_exhibitiontest-1 23_march_exhibitiontest-3 23_march_exhibitiontest-2

A Safe Haven

snowy wakefield 02

I have treasured my visits to the Miscarriage Association in Wakefield during my Residency. It always feels very special to visit the modest offices that provided such a safe haven for me during my miscarriages. I find I can work really well there and always look forward to my visits and to seeing the staff. I have taken quite a few images on my trips and somehow the contrast between the cold winter outside and the warmth, help and support given via the helpline and the website (inside) seem very marked. Here are a few images…

Please be Patient


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Tea and sympathy (II)

snowy wakefield

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Support and advice on all aspects of miscarriage and pregnancy loss http://www.miscarriageassociation.org.uk