Lineage – My Grandmother understood

Genevieve's Last Stand lineage

My grandmother Genevieve died on Sunday 25th January at the age of 92 – although not unexpected it has still been a shock and I am definitely grieving her passing. Such a different feeling to the grief I experienced after my miscarriages. Not the loss of a much wanted life but sadness at the passing of a long, full life. She could be impossible but she was also funny, witty and stoical in the face of adversity. My grandmother also experienced recurrent miscarriage on her journey to have two children and on my last trip to see her I interviewed her about her experiences and showed her my book dummy. Even in her fragile state she understood my work, and, as always, told me how proud she was of me. I took a few photos to use with her interview. I see in these pictures the shared struggle we faced to have our families. Genevieve has been the inspiration for previous work and I am comforted that I can always visit her through my photographs, time-travelling to see her again.

family photos

Little Doll