An Update / Christmas can be tough..

Christmas can be a tough time…
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I have rather neglected this blog the last couple of months but I can at least say this is because I have been working hard on my project! I now have a book dummy and will be publishing ‘The Thin Blue Line, The Deep Red Sea’ in Spring 2015. I really hope this personal story will also reach others and if it brings solace to even one person it will be worth it! Feedback at the Baltic Book Fair was honest, very encouraging and has given me some extra (much needed) confidence to go for it!

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A ‘Book Dummy’ in the making..

I am acutely aware that Christmas can be a miserable time for many who have suffered miscarriage and pregnancy loss as it seems to be a very cruel reminder of lives that could have been. I remember several Christmas gatherings where I had to sneak off and cry in private not wanting to spoil Christmas for others. So instead of wishing you all a Happy Christmas I will instead say “I Hope that all your dreams will come true in 2015”.

I will be visiting the inspirational ‘Miscarriage Association’ again in January and I know they will be providing much needed support through Christmas – so a big ‘Thank You’ to all the staff there.

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Top: ‘Things are Strange’ Middle: ‘Blackberry’ Bottom: ‘Gust of Wind’  from ‘The Thin Blue Line, The Deep Red Sea’ Marjolaine Ryley 2014