John and Yoko


This is a striking and quite surprising photograph of Yoko Ono in bed as she suffered a miscarriage at six months. John Lennon stayed at her side at Queen Charlotte’s Hospital London, staying overnight at her bedside. They decided to record the foetal heartbeat before the miscarriage . It was then included in their 1969 album ‘Life With The Lions’  followed by 2 minutes silence. I think even  though these two were notorious artists and radicals, this is still a very powerful and brave act and an amazing way to commemorate their baby. I remember thinking when I first came across this image how  miscarriage doesn’t discriminate – it can happen to anyone, however famous.

Yoko's miscarriage03






  It is such a haunting, beautiful and tragic  sound, but I think it is an important and unusual record of a deeply personal pregnancy loss in the public eye.


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