Work in Progress – ‘Testing Times..’

TestingTimes 04


I’m currently exploring an idea I have had for some time to photograph every pregnancy test I have ever taken…there are about 70 and date back to 2008 when We first started trying for a baby. I kept the tests as a way of recording an aspect of the journey. The tests record both my successful and miscarried pregnancies. But the important thing for me is not ‘which is which’ it is the emotional weight each holds as a moment in time, the suggestion of possibility, a dream, a nightmare.

I am also fascinated by the way the tests have faded over the years or disappeared altogether (the digital ones show nothing at all!) but how they still hold traces of my DNA, indexing the lives that sparked, sometimes only briefly. These are all ‘test’ shots with a Nikon D800 – I am still going through an analogue / digital exploration of my own here as well!










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