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There are so many fantastic, creative blogs out there. Here are a few I particularly like:


“In the world of infertility and pregnancy loss there are many strange and unexpected circumstances in which I never dreamed I would find myself. In fact, I was blissfully ignorant to an entire world that so many women inhabit. Now I am oh so initiated and let me tell you : it’s weird. It’s so very, very weird, friends”.



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“Scientist by day, movie buff by night. I’m in my mid-thirties, live near Cambridge in the UK and have experienced polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), infertility and miscarriage”.




Bright Burning – a poem / film about miscarriage

Artist/musician Hazel Winter beautifully captures the surreal, heartbreaking experience of miscarriage in her film/poem ‘Bright Burning’. The piece is a mixture of poem, song and spoken word all interspersed with super 8 footage.

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Another inspiring trip to Wakefield / Support for Partners

This week I continued my Artists Residency at the Miscarriage Association in Wakefield. I was really struck by the new campaign ‘Support for Partners’  which looks to raise awareness of the feelings of partners and their need for support during miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

The cartoons commissioned by Graphic artist Kate Evans are particularly special.

'Saddest Moment'  - by Kate Evans

‘Saddest Moment’ by Kate Evans

You can also see more of Kate’s work  on her website, including a graphic cartoon about Miscarriage. (This is quite detailed and I should mention some viewers may find this distressing).

It is always an intense and emotional experience visiting the M.A. but it is also inspiring and rewarding and gives me new ideas and energy to continue my project.

I’ll be posting some more photos from my latest visit soon…

Alice – Through the Visual Arts / work in progress ideas

Ideas in progress…

I have been looking again at a beautiful catalogue that accompanied the exhibition at Tate Liverpool ‘Alice in Wonderland – Through the Visual Arts’.

Alice Cover AW




The above is a review of the show for further information.

I have been thinking about the slippery and nightmarish quality that ‘reality’  inherits when you experience miscarriage and I’m exploring imagery that plays with scale through objects to capture this. I found the Alice book very inspiring and here are a couple of test shots / work in progress around the theme  ‘Things are strange…’






John and Yoko


This is a striking and quite surprising photograph of Yoko Ono in bed as she suffered a miscarriage at six months. John Lennon stayed at her side at Queen Charlotte’s Hospital London, staying overnight at her bedside. They decided to record the foetal heartbeat before the miscarriage . It was then included in their 1969 album ‘Life With The Lions’  followed by 2 minutes silence. I think even  though these two were notorious artists and radicals, this is still a very powerful and brave act and an amazing way to commemorate their baby. I remember thinking when I first came across this image how  miscarriage doesn’t discriminate – it can happen to anyone, however famous.

Yoko's miscarriage03






  It is such a haunting, beautiful and tragic  sound, but I think it is an important and unusual record of a deeply personal pregnancy loss in the public eye.

Work in Progress – ‘Testing Times..’

TestingTimes 04


I’m currently exploring an idea I have had for some time to photograph every pregnancy test I have ever taken…there are about 70 and date back to 2008 when We first started trying for a baby. I kept the tests as a way of recording an aspect of the journey. The tests record both my successful and miscarried pregnancies. But the important thing for me is not ‘which is which’ it is the emotional weight each holds as a moment in time, the suggestion of possibility, a dream, a nightmare.

I am also fascinated by the way the tests have faded over the years or disappeared altogether (the digital ones show nothing at all!) but how they still hold traces of my DNA, indexing the lives that sparked, sometimes only briefly. These are all ‘test’ shots with a Nikon D800 – I am still going through an analogue / digital exploration of my own here as well!









‘Nursing Clio – Because the Personal is Historical’

This is a very interesting, forthright and varied ‘peer-reviewed’ blog which takes on some challenging subjects..

“Men’s and women’s bodies, their reproductive rights, and their healthcare are often at the center of social, cultural, and political debates. Our tagline – The Personal is Historical – is meant to convey that the issues that dominate today’s headlines are, in fact, ongoing dialogues that reach far back into our country’s past.

The mission of Nursing Clio is to provide a platform for historians, health care workers, community activists, students, and the public at large to engage in socio-political and cultural critiques of this ongoing and historical dialogue regarding the gendered body, the history of medicine, popular culture, current events, and other issues that catch our attention. Nursing Clio provides a coherent, intelligent, informative, and fun historical source for the consideration of these topics.” Text from website