Work in progress – a few pictures

These photographs are an edit from one of my first attempts at creating imagery that responds to some of my own personal experiences of recurrent miscarriage. They are test shots and will probably be re-shot with more space around the objects!



‘Again and Again’ Marjolaine Ryley, 2014

This image is about trying over and over again, failing, and already having a child. The confusion and mixed emotions I experienced during this time when even some formula milk left over from my daughter’s last box caused me so much pain. 



‘Mourning Orchid’, 2013, Marjolaine Ryley

This orchid was given to me by a neighbour who had lost her baby at 20 weeks.  She knew my history of having had five miscarriages and came to see me after my son was (finally) born. I watched her hold the baby and wished I had the power to take away her pain and bring back her baby. I thought she was brave beyond belief. 



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